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Economy and Jobs

Having a prosperous local economy starts with the vital task of keeping higher-paying jobs and skilled labor here in Blount County. Bryan Richey believes that reducing regulations that might impede commercial growth, and protecting our valued employers is the only way to ensure a better future for our community.

Online Privacy

In this modern time, it has become increasingly more difficult for the general public to navigate the new frontiers of technology without being exposed to dangerous business practices. Smart devices continually collect information about us and our daily habits to be sold to the highest bidder. For Bryan Richey, individual Privacy is a significant concern that has been neglected by both our federal government and by those elected to serve our great community. As it stands, the privacy agreements meant to inform the public about the actions that these applications and smart devices are executing is null and void when it takes an advanced law or computer programming degree to understand the terms. Right now, there is no transparency between the major tech companies that build these apps and devices and the intended user. Bryan Richey will advocate for clear language in these terms of service contracts so that no company can hide behind technical jargon.

Public Education

Bryan Richey stands for equality in education in Tennessee. It is unacceptable that students in major metropolitan areas like Nashville or Memphis receive more opportunities than our students here in Blount County. Tennessee ranks as one of the lowest-scoring states in providing much-needed funding for our schools. Bryan Richey believes education is vital to a healthy community and that Tennessee needs to place our children’s education, their future, at the highest level of priority in the years to come. Proper budgeting and a strategic plan to put in place the best teachers and support staff possible is not something we can do, but rather something we must do. Those in office are not currently addressing this concern, yet it is a concern that should be embraced on both sides of the aisle. Better educational funding doesn’t just help our community here in Blount County; it is beneficial to communities across the entire state.

Immigration Law

Bryan Richey believes in the traditional American Dream, and that our great nation is a land of equal opportunity for anyone who enters our borders through proper and legal channels. We are a nation founded on immigration, and there is no denying that this a tenant of our culture, but legislation needs to be put in place to protect the citizens of Blount County. Those who enter our country illegally should not be afforded the same rights as those who have gone through the proper channels. Nor should the state be allowed to designate “Safe Zones” for those who break the law. Bryan Richey will stand up for those who come into our country legally and assist in creating legislation that protects those immigrants by sending those who enter our country and community illegally back to their home country.

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