All too often, legislators in our great state fail to plan for the future of Blount County. To the lawmakers in Tennessee, we are safely out of sight and out of mind. Bryan Richey will span the distance to be the voice we need on Capitol Hill. The laws that govern our district here in Blount County are written 188 miles away in Nashville, Tennessee. How can we trust that the needs and concerns of our region are being represented carefully on Capitol Hill when our current elected representative receives over 88% of his campaign funding from agenda-oriented PACs? With your help, Bryan Richey will represent our district with honor, courage, and commitment while advocating for Blount County’s best interests in Nashville.

Bryan Richey is a military veteran who is dedicated to protecting our veterans here in Blount County. During his service in the Navy, Richey served honorably aboard the USS-Gettysburg and was part of a record-setting narcotics operation with a focus on keeping drugs from entering our country. After his service in the military, Richey became a financial advisor with MetLife, where he saw first-hand the importance of a good insurance policy. Richey eventually opened an independent insurance agency, offering both auto and homeowners insurance to his clients. In 2017, Richey fulfilled a long-term promise he once made to his wife and best friend, Mindy Richey, when he moved his family to Maryville, Tennessee. “It was the beauty of the mountains and the peaceful atmosphere of this area that made us want to move our family here. I told my wife way back in 2003 that someday we would root our lives here in this great community,” said Richey. Since their move to the area, the Richey family has quickly started to grow those roots in the area. Brian Richey’s fifteen-year-old son Clayton is currently attending Maryville Junior High school, and seven-year-old Paisley is attending Foothills Elementary School.

Now, with his sights set on continuing his service to his country and our community on Capitol Hill in Nashville, Bryan Richey plans to employ the very same principles of honor, courage, and commitment that he once vowed when defending our country in being the new voice of Blount County.

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